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Solving complex problems for
human beings.

senior Product Designer based in brooklyn, new york

Reimagining insurance with design thinking

At Blackboard Insurance, my design work is focused primarily on building out our suite of internal tools that support fellow Blackboard employees and their workflows. The tools are aimed at enabling collaboration, productivity and accuracy. Designing at Blackboard means empowering insurance experts to thrive and do their jobs best.


Workshop facilitation, design thinking, story mapping, design sprint, visual design.  

Scaling applications through a design system

As a Senior Product Designer at Blackboard Insurance, I led a project aimed at creating a design system and component library that would allow us to build scalable and consistent applications. The solution is a result of an atomic design approach to design systems.


Atomic design, scalable design, material design, reusable components.

Redefining the flow of curating media content

When I worked as UX & Service Designer at Olapic, I was assigned to redefine the flow of curating content in the main part of their platform Content Engine. The final solution is a result of a thorough user-centered process consisting of in-depth user research, sketching, prototyping and user testing.


Iterative design, user research, SaaS, design system language, agile development

Motivating cancer patients in rehabilitation

In a project collaboration with the Danish health platform “”, we designed a social forum for cancer patients in rehabilitation where they could share knowledge and experience with each other and  healthcare professionals. The service was a result of a thourough service design process inspired by the phases of design thinking. 


Service design, service blueprinting, design thinking

Redesigning a check-out flow to increase conversions

In Adapt, we were hired by the Danish travel agency Profil Rejser to optimize their checkout flow experience. The redesign was based on insights from online user data and we conducted several user tests to understand the users’ needs and behaviors. The process was very agile and was heavily inspired by Lean UX.


Conversion optimization, Lean UX, product ownership

Designing a news media website with a mobile-first approach

In Adapt, I designed the news website for the Danish company ‘Byens Ejendom’ which offers news on urban development. The challenge was to design a website that would work on mobile devices, while still giving users the information they needed. The final solution is a result of data insights, best practices and a lean process. 


Lean UX, mobile-first, data insights

Developing a service design tool 

For my master’s thesis, I created a collaborative service design tool that enables service designers to manage and connect the internal stakeholders and their activities performed to what provides the most value for the customer. The tool is called a Worth Blueprint and is useful for breaking down internal silos in service providing organizations.


Service design, design framework, worth-centered design

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